Jungle green Samsung galaxy note 10 plus case, note 10, s20 plus, s20 ultra 58469704804559

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Art is one wonderful gift this world was given. With this case objects are made real before you eyes; see the flowers as if they were in the garden, the cartoon on the case, see it as if it were a doll. This is a masterpiece that will make you standout before the crowd! This is so cute! This is one of the best cases for your Samsung phone.

3D jungle green Emboss 3D Flowers Floral Case For Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus,note 10, s10 plus, s10, s10 E, s9 plus, s9.

3D Effect- The case is 3D embossed to give you an illusion of reality when you view the art on the case. It's one to behold.

Heavy duty protection - Do not let the beauty fool you. This unique piece gives maximum protection to prevent your Samsung case from damage whenever it falls, while maintaining the best look. 

Well cut, on point buttons and holes - The buttons are raised to enable you to access them with ease and the charging port and speaker spaces are well cut to ensure you Samsung Phone functions as if it had no case. 

High quality material - The case is made with high quality 3D embossed TPU material. This case is not one to last and outdo the cases that you have had in the past. 

Scratch resistant, smooth texture, waterproof, dirt resistant - The cases resists all kid of scratches that might try to ruin it's breathtaking beauty. The material is smooth to prevent dust from resting on it's surface. 

Wireless charging possible - The case is made to enable wireless charging.