iPhone 12 pro max case - Gold Glitters black patched 55249555228697

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"Shine bright like a diamond"- This is what this iPhone 12 pro max case is singing to you today. Make your days shine with the stars that are electroplated onto the clear case. Inspired by the starry sky that we rarely see nowadays due to light pollution in our cities. Treat your iPhone today

The case is durable - Made with high quality soft TPU IMD silicone material, the case will offer you services for as long as you would take it. 

Dirt resistant- The case is smooth to ensure that dirt particles do not rest on its surface, keeping you and your phone sparkling clean!

Bling Shining Stars Plating Gold Wave - The stars are in a gold color, trying to depict the real picture of the sky. Real beauty!

Shockproof/protective - Besides beauty, the case also possesses one other very important function which is to keep your phone protected at all times. This it will do with "all of its heart" to make sure your phone is safe

3D raised buttons and well cutout holes - The buttons are well raised in a 3D-like manner to enhance accessibility and the pressing function. The holes are also measured precisely to the millionth millimetre to make sure they are as precise as possible.The case is a really cute iPhone 12 pro max case, choose your star design.