Marble note 10 plus case - White black Cute Marble Back Cover case4A 927336083269698

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Marble Samsung galaxy note 10 plus case - White black Cute Marble Back Cover case4A

Do you love nature? Surely this marble depicts the wonderful geography in the milky way, on earth. The case is inspired by the wonderful stripes seen on the likes of the "Grand Canyon"

Dirt resistant - Dirt does not cling on to the surfaces of the case, easily wipe off any dust

Heavy duty protection - Do not let the beauty fool you. This unique piece gives maximum protection to prevent your iPhone 11 from damage whenever it falls, while maintaining the best look. 

Well cut, on point buttons and holes - The buttons are raised to enable you to access them with ease and the charging port and speaker spaces are well cut to ensure you iPhone 11 functions as if it had no case. 

High quality material - The case is made with high quality IMD material. The electroplated marble will not fade. 

Scratch resistant, smooth texture, waterproof - The case is not going to get damaged when it is scratched, it is made to withstand minor scratches, hence maintaining the best look. It has a smooth texture that will feel good too hold and cannot be damaged by water. 

Wireless charging possible - The case is made to enable wireless charging.