Marble Tempered Glass Starry Sky cute note case 505734533138245

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Samsung galaxy note 10 plus case - Marble Tempered Glass Starry Sky cute case2C

The tempered glass gives your phone a good grasp and a good feel to touch. The glass is also very hard and acts as protection, in addition to the elastic cushion beneath. The glass also prevents the cute design of the case not to fade fast with time.

The case has full edge-wrapped elastic protection with four circumferential elasticity. The cushions in the case makes it good for shock absorption and resistant to external forces.

The holes around the phone have been catered for. The case is cut out with top-level mastery to ensure that you charge comfortably, insert USB and insert your earphones with ease. 

In a nutshell the case:

  • Has a camera overlay protection
  • Is scratch resistant
  • Is very accurate on hole position
  • Is veeery cute.